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Youth Events:

Basketball Camps, Summer Fieldtrips, College tours...
Christmas in July Event
Technology Workshop
Miniature Model!
Girls On Fire Camp
Kidz Day Out!
Whiz Kidz VOV
Take a journey with us...

Our youth believe in Education, Recreation as well as purposeful Conversation.  See how the JTC Youth are involved in the community. Here you will find Junior Entreprenurs, meet professional ball players, run in 5k races and so much more!

Welcome to the Next Generation Level of Basketball!

This program has been strategically designed and created for individuals who want to achieve to higher heights not just only in Basketball but in every area of life! On the basketball court or in the courtroom, have your talents sharpened and your gifts maximized while at the same time being; Mentored through the Art of Basketball. We will sharpen your gifts, enhance your talents and then teach you how to apply them to your everyday life as well as on the court! This is not another league! This is not another tournament! This is the Game of LIFE!!! Get ready to have your game elevated!!!



Come spend a week every summer with the Youth as they journey to Frisco, Tx for an exciting Camp with Team Nancy, a.k.a. "Lady Magic"!!!  Engage in a lifetime experience of group instruction and training with other Athletic Professionals of what it takes to take your game to the next level!

Sign ups begin in the Spring.  Be sure to stay connected!


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