JTC X-Change, PA and East Coast Division

Allentown/Philadelphia Area
JTC Pennsylvania Rep. Jimmy Britt


We are thankful for his Service through Mentoring and BASKETBALL in the Allentown area.


Special thank you to the Director Rev. Michael V. Comick for allowing JTC to be apart of this great program.


Keep a look out for more pictures from Visit Allentown Mentoring Network for more information.

AMEN Midnight basketball for the youth every Friday from 9 p.m. – Midnight.

If you would like to join is in supporting the Allentown Mentoring Network donate or attend the annual fundraiser event to help raise funds for the Allentown Mentoring Program. Visit Allentown Mentoring Network for more information.

We Agape You, Inc. and Horizons Child Services

Representing the JTC X-Change at the Annual Summer Bash in Pennsylvania. It was a great event benefiting the Child Care Scholarship Fund for Families in need. Senator Argall presented a Congratulatory Citation, and there was live, FREE entertainment!

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