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E. Wilson, Inspirational Speaker


The Join the Conversation Network started between two men coaching each other through tough times.  Before the name existed, E. Wilson had been touching lives for many, many years through encouraging conversation.  In 2005 after coming to DFW and seeing the issues that his fellow employees face from martial situations to suicides, he took it upon himself to try to help in any way possible. His vision was to help people overcome the struggles of life and at the same time propel them into their purpose.  Distressed people need to know that regardless of their present situation, they are still valuable.  Out of the high rising rate of suicide, divorce, crime and unemployment, JTC was birthed, to take on the challenge of reversing these turnovers

Many Colors - Joyce Spencer
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Director at headquarters
The "Inspirator"
JTC Mentors
Mentoring in Kansas
Around-the-World JTC
"Host" Anniverary Gala
Mentoring - Identity Labels
w/Mentor Pastor Ybarra
Vounteer Event AT&T Stadium
Randolph-Simmons of We-Agape-You-Inc
Domestic Violence Awareness

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