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with E. Wilson

American Airlines - The Tower(We Family)

Bloom where you are planted...

For the Kings     at the Daniel Unit, Snyder, TX

The Conversation takes over the work place!

The Conversation started after E. Wilson moved his family to Dallas Tx in 2005. Shortly after,  there were MULTIPLE suicides that had taken place INVOLVING Airline employees.  E. Wilson started encouraging employees in Ramp Services which started the conversation which birthed JTC X-Change, Inc. in 2009.  This Organization is literally touching lives around the world. SEVEN years later E.Wilson still continues to make impact in the workplace.  A few months ago, he started doing videos along with fellow employee Kalvin D. Nelson  in the workplace to inspire and encourage fellow employees  to work together, making the best of situations and strive to take care of the American Airlines Company as well as the millions of passengers who fly everyday worldwide. The conversation is inspiring employees on multiple levels as well as throughout the American Airlines company around the US and abroad. His latest venture was to the Tower Of Operations (Control Tower) which leads the charge in the everyday operations of the Airlines. His goal is to help other employees better understand the responsibilities of the other work groups. Impact is being made as countless employees are responding with big thank You's and are being inspired and inspiring others. When other employees see E.Wilson walking the ramp, they may ask, "Where is our inspiration video today?"  They are hungry and looking for it.

I'll Believe you just as long as you don't believe you...(Hmmm)

"Men" in the Isolation Booth (Just Believe)

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